EuroCPS H2020

Thursday 22 March 2018

As part of the EuroCPS H2020 initiative to foster innovative European SMEs in the area of CPS, a few selected companies were invited to pitch their project. In this video the HIPPEROS CEO pitches the company mission of Intelligent Autonomy with High Performance Embedded Systems

TULIPP demo running the HIPPEROS Real-Time Operating System

Thursday 14 December 2017

In this simple demo, the Sundance EMC2-DP (equipped with a Zynq-7030) is connected to a 720p HDMI camera and an HDMI screen.

The board is running the HIPPEROS Real-Time Operating System which executes a task cycling between:

  • a simple HDMI pass-through,
  • the CPU implementation of the grayscale filter (~15fps)
  • the FPGA accelerated implementation of the grayscale filter (~90fps)
  • the CPU implementation of the sobel filter (~2fps)
  • the FPGA accelerated implementation of the sobel filter (~90fps)

Addressing the challenges of low power high performance real-time computer vision

Saturday 7 October 2017

Low power high performance real-time computer vision on a CPU+FPGA hybrid architecture with the HIPPEROS multicore RTOS

Presentation at the 2nd European Machine Vision Forum of EMVA in Vienna

HIPPEROS: The Perfect Chip Song

Thursday 24 April 2014

A long time ago, a computer was a large box on daddy's desk with lots of cables and a screen

Today, computers are all around us. Some have screens, and you know them well ...

... and then, there are all the others!

Computer chips are embedded in electronic devices all around us, and they account for a large majority of "computers"

In the past, computer chips, the processors also called cores, were slow and cold Then they became smaller, thus faster but also much hotter!

Then even smaller, and faster, and even hotter and hotter!

And of course ... there is a limit! (paf)

To go beyond than limit, we need team work: multi-processor or multi-core systems

It woks quite well when you do many simple things, without too many constraints

But during rush hour, when you need to do many complex things under deadlines, things can get messy and unreliable

Unless ...

Some music creates a perfect and predictable rhythm and all tasks are so perfectly synchronized

Than no one ever misses a deadline and the team is fast and efficient

HIPPEROS has created "The Perfect Chip Song" for embedded systems

In the past, embedded electronics was dumb and not always reliable

Today, we want our embedded systems to be smart and totally safe

This is a love story about to start ...

we will need a lot of trust ...

and total safety and reliability!

In 2006, three researchers at ULB realized that future embedded and real-time systems required new mathematical proofs, new hardware platforms and new software architectures.

They combined their expertise to design HIPPEROS:

High Performance Parallel Embedded Real-time Operating Systems

... the performer of "The Perfect Chip Song"

Real-time Scheduling Scalable Resource Sharing Efficient IPC Parallel Kernel Architecture

HIPPEROS is the "best-of-breed" RTOS for high performance & high reliability industrial applications

For a better and safer future!